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The Connection Between Teacher Mentoring and Student Learning, how to improve learning thru mentoring, 2 pages, $3.
Greeting Cards, Suitable for mentors to give their proteges. "Whenever you need help, remember me", and "Characteristics of a great mentors and the help we can provide" (male & female versions). $4.00 for the set of three cards.
A Suggested Agenda For New Teacher Mentor Training. A two page paper which shares what has been learned about structuring the training of mentors. Also see much more mentor training material on the RSOD site (see Links) which follow this agenda.
What Should Happen in a Three Year Induction Program, a two page paper by Barry Sweeny, discussing the similarities and differences for each of the three years in a 3 year approach to mentoring and induction.
Promoting the Growth of New Teachers: A Mentor Training Manual. An 84 page binder by Barry Sweeny which is his tried and proven mentor training model. This manual has three versions which are adapted specifically for
Also available are training overheads, a training script, and mentoring calendars.
Information about this manual and the related training materials and how to order them are available on this web site. See the "Training" information category.

Holding Mentors Accountable for Mentoring, 8 pages, includes a "Mentoring Log". $9.00

Inappropriate Mentor Behaviors: What To Do With Mentors Who Will Coach or Supervise, But Not Mentor. 2 pages, $3.00.

Ideas for Formally Recognizing Your Mentors. Planning an event, what to say, how to do it, getting maximum impact an decision makers with it, 7 pages, $9.00.
Lessons From New Teacher Mentors in Cross-Grade & Cross-Subject Settings, 3 pages discuss the issues of mentoring in this less-than-ideal situation & explains what cross-grade and cross-subject mentors have learned that can help all mentors. $ 5.00
Mentoring: Contemporary Principles & Issues, published in 1992 by Assn. of Teacher Educators (ATE) 1990 Assn. Dr. Suite ATE, Reston, VA 22091. A product of the ATE Commission on the Role & Preparation of Mentor Teachers. Lots of help from the following chapters:
Released Time Options for Mentors and Peer Coaches
Suggestions for the Mentor Program Coordinator
Incentives, Recognition, and On-Going Support in a Mentor Program, 14 pages, $14
Mentor-Protege Relationship and Mentors' Relationships with Colleagues Not in the Mentor Program, strategies for survival because mentoring is a counter-culture program when done well. 8 pages, $10.
Strategies for Sustaining a Mentoring Program, how to plan ahead so your program can survive and thrive. 4 pages, $6.00.
Three Ways to Develop Mentor-Protege Action Plans

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