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A Check List of Activities for Student Support Services Mentors - 4 pages of ideas adapted for psychologists, nurses, social workers, and other student support personnel $5.00
The Classroom Teacher As Teacher Educator, an ERIC Digest #EDO-SP 89-7. At the ERIC Clearinghouse on Teaching and Teacher Education. The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. One DuPont Circle NW, Suite 610, Washington D.C. 20036, Phone (202) 293-2450 and FAX (202) 457-8095.

The Cooperating Teacher: Should I Agree to Supervise a Student Teacher, a helpful look at yourself will help you decide if you should accept this mentoring responsibility. By L. Tusin & J. Williams, Illinois School Research and Development Journal, Illinois Assn. for Supervision & Curriculum Development. 29 (3). Spring 1993.

Getting Out of Line, a guide for teachers redefining themselves and their profession. Includes ideas for your work with peers and with students. Paperback available for $17.95 + $2 handling from Corwin Press, 2455 Teller Rd, Thousand Oaks, Ca 91320-2218, (805499-9774 or e-mail,
Dialog Journals: A Mentor Growth Tool- How to successfully use this as a professional growth method, and in addition, to better monitor program implementation and to capture great experiences that reveal the power of effective mentoring. By Barry Sweeny
Formal of Informal? Why is a formal program best? What to say to sceptics.
The Good Mentor Guide -Initial Teacher Education in Secondary Schools, by V. Brooks & P. Sikes, (1997). This book is directly aimed at helping mentors with this role. Includes discussion of roles of mentors, Mentoring program models, what good mentoring is like, mentoring strategies, mentoring and assessment of new teachers, and case studies of mentoring. Published by Open University Press, 1900 Frost Road, Suite 101, Bristol, PA 19007-1598, 1-800-821-8312 or (215)785-5800. Paperback is $23.95, 160 pages.
Greeting Cards, Suitable for mentors to give their proteges. "Whenever you need help, remember me", and "Characteristics of a great mentors and the help we can provide" (male & female versions). $4.00 for the set of three cards.
Individual Professional Development Plans & Professional Development Portfolios. 8 pages of ideas for the structure and content of plans & portfolios for professional growth, discussion of the issues & options, the purposes, the challenges, and some recommendations for their effective use. $6.00
Lessons From New Teacher Mentors in Cross-Grade and Cross-Subject Settings, what all mentors should know. $5.00.

Mentors & Guides: Peer Assistance Matched to the Protege's Experience. 4 pages with guide teacher roles for experienced but new employees and mentor roles for work with a novice teacher. $5.00

The Mentoring Journal: Capturing Our Good Intentions and Planning How to Implement Them, for mentoring training and the rest of the year too. 20 pages, $10.00.

Mentoring the Mentor: A Challenge for Staff Development. An article from the fall 1996 Journal of Staff Development, by NSDC, available at-

The Mentor's Oath, We are a profession, right? What do we profess? Here's a suggestion. 1 page, $1.00.

The Mentoring Process: A Working Model. This is a two page paper which uses the reports of practicing mentors to build a "working model" of what takes place during the mentoring process.

The Mentor-Protege Relationship and Mentors' Relationships with Colleagues Not in the Mentor Program, strategies for survival because mentoring is a counter-culture program when done well. 8 pages, $10.

Mentoring Style Self-Assessment: a 12 item inventory that predicts mentor or protege behavior in the mentoring process. $5.00

The Mentor Teacher Casebook, by Judith Shulman & Joel Colbert in 1987 to summarize what was learned in the Los Angeles version of the Califorina Mentor Teacher Project. While these case studies relate to an urban setting & mentors were often used to deal with provisional certificated new staff, the cases are still typical of many experiences mentors have & as such, are good for training and support group discussions. At

A Monthly Check List for Speech/ Language Pathology Mentors - 4 pages of specialized advice for SLP mentoring tasks $5.00

The Needs of Beginning Teachers & Principles of Adult Learning, 5 pages, $7.

Roles and Tasks of Mentor Teachers, 4 pages, $6.

A Teaching Style Self-Assessment, 6 pages, includes a 12 item instrument, a scoring form, charts for goal setting and to explain the transition in teaching styles necessary to promote independent learners. $10.00

Three Ways to Develop Mentor-Protege Action Plans: 4 pages explain 3 approaches that can be used separately or together. Based on professional growth goals, a peer coaching action plan, and a plan using the "What To Do & When To Do It: Calendar". $4.00

The Teacher as Caregiver, Model & Mentor, a discussion of the qualities of an effective teacher. At-

Trust Building in a Mentoring Relationship. This one page paper spells out what mentoring pairs must do together, and what mentors themselves must do to create a safe, supportive learning environment for each other.

Understanding Mentoring. This book is an assist for mentors in thinking about the role and tasks that mentors fulfill, and the implications of that work given the recent changes in the teaching profession such as reflective practice, cognative and brain theory, etc. Paperback is $29.95, 256 pages. By Peter Tomlinson, (1995). Published by Open University Press, 1900 Frost Road, Suite 101, Bristol, PA 19007-1598, 1-800-821-8312 or (215)785-5800.

What to Do and When to Do It: A Mentoring Calendar, 11 pages of monthly reminders for mentors & advice on how to use it. Helps prevent protege "overload" by giving priorities. Elementary version and Secondary version for $8.00 each, or BOTH for $12

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