How to Develop a New Mentoring and Induction Program

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How to Develop a High Impact New Teacher Induction Program.
This packet is a GEM! It was built for barry sweeny's two day ASCD Mentoring PreConference Institute at the ASCD Conference March 2000 in New Orleans. IT'S GOR IR ALL!
It has about 100 pages of ideas, research, and best practices for each of the components of effective induction programs and is all you need to develop a program plan. Also, you'll get ideas for sustaining an effective mentoring program, mentor training needs, linking training to the mentoring process, linking program purposes to all program decisions, and relating the program to other improvement efforts and to improving teaching and student learning. Read below for what is included in this power packet! $45

The following are sections of the "How to Develop..." packet above, but are sold separately as well: