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Barry Sweeny's New Book:
"Leading the Teacher Mentoring/Induction Program"

Barry Sweeny's new book for induction program leaders will be published by Skylight Professional Development in late September 2000.

Although this important book addresses many topics of interest to induction program leaders, it specifically addresses three areas of emormous need... how to lead an induction/mentoring program so that:

Comments about Barry's book by Linda Darling-Hammond

"For all those who are working to support beginning teachers and launch them into a successful career, this book offers sage advice. It should be read by anyone who cares about building a strong and capable profession of teachers."

- Linda Darling-Hammond, Ph.D. Professor, Standford University.

How to Order the Book:


CALL - Skylight Professional Development, 800-348-4474

WRITE - Skylight Professional Development, 2626 S. Clearbrook Drive, Arlington Hts. IL 60005

Suggestions for the Mentor Program Coordinator, 17 pages including a job description, the need for a mentoring & peer coaching program coordinator, sample letters to mentors & guides, and advice to the coordinator on how to "mentor the mentors" to facilitate mentor growth. $11.00

Mentoring of New Teachers: Help for Administrators, 18 page selection from the other materials just for administrators. Includes check lists to coordinate mentor & administrator roles, mentor logs, mentoring action plans, ideas for finding time, communication cautions for mentors, principal & proteges, and ideas for linking a quality mentoring program to the School Improvement Process. $12.00

The Need for a Peer Coaching Program Coordinator

The Connection Between Teacher Mentoring and Student Learning, how to improve learning thru mentoring, 2 pages, $3.

Incentives, Recognition, and On-Going Support in a Mentor Program, 14 pages, $15.

Planning For & Achieving the Mentor Program's Purposes, 11 pages, $11.

Planning for the Mentor Training, 9 pages, $11.

Plans & Samples For Mentor Program Evaluation. 27 pages, program evaluation plans, sample program evaluations by classroom & student support services mentors & proteges, by "guide" teachers, and by novice teachers about the need to start a mentor program. $15.00

Selecting Mentors and Matching Mentors and Proteges, 9 pages, $11.

Three Ways to Develop Mentor-Protege Action Plans: 4 pages explain 3 approaches that can be used separately or together. Based on professional growth goals, a peer coaching action plan, and a plan using the "What To Do & When To Do It: Calendar" listed above. Calendar not included. $4.00

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