Addressing Beginning Teacher Needs


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Advice for Beginning Teachers, a 1 page summary of lessons learned by previous first year teachers and their mentors

Classroom Management Tips for New Teachers, a 1 page summary of the steps to better classroom management, written by mentors.

Guidelines for Parent Conferences, a 1 page summary of ideas and tips written by first year teachers and their mentors.

The Problems of Beginning Teachers. A Crisis in Training. by F. McDonald, (1980). in A Study of Induction Programs for Beginning Teachers. Princeton, NJ, Educational Testing Service.

Biting the Apple: Accounts of First Year Teachers, by Ryan, K. Newman, K. Mager, G. Applegate, J. Lasley, T. Flora, R. & Johnston, J. (1980). New York, NY: Longman.

Self-Identification of New Teacher Needs in an Induction Context. By Sandra O'Dell, (1986).

The Perceived Problems of Beginning Teachers, by Veenman, S. (1984). Review of Educational Research, 54 (2), pages 143-178.

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