Annotated Listing of Books and Other Resources for Mentor Teacher Program Development

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Mentor Teacher Programs, by Sandra O'Dell is available from NEA's Professional Library, item # 1086-8-00, for $6. Call 1-800-229-4200. This book gives statistics on the impact mentoring has on teacher retention and classroom teaching effectiveness. It also has advice on mentor selection, matching, training and roles.

How to Help Beginning Teachers Succeed. Written by Stephen Gordon and published by ASCD in 1991. Cots $6.96 Includes Beginning teacher needs, how to assess the needs, how mentor programs target the needs, provision of assistance, etc. Access ASCD at or (703) 549-9110

The following articles are chapters in the book Mentoring: Contemporary Principles & Issues, by Assn. of Teacher Educators (ATE) 1990 Assn. Dr. Suite ATE, Reston, VA 22091

Principles of Mentoring, by ATE Commission on the Role & Preparation of Mentor Teachers

Guidelines for Selecting Mentors & Creating an Environment for Mentoring by Billie J. Enz

Evaluating Mentor Programs, by Sandra O'Dell

Designing Training & Selection Incentives for Mentor Programs, by Delores Wolfe

The Reality of Mentoring: Complexity in Its Process & Function, by Fay Head, Alan Reiman, & Lois Thies-Sprinthall, includes some very good info about the challenges.

Mentoring: A Teacher Development Activity That Avoids Formal Evaluation of the Protege, by Judith C. Neal. Good information about this very tricky subject.

Assisting the Beginning Teacher, by ATE, 1989, Assn. Dr. Suite ATE, Reston, VA 22091. Great info on developing a program, benefits, evaluation of mentoring programs, and descriptions of selected beginning teacher assistance programs.