Administrators and Mentoring

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Administrator's Role in Mentoring

Mentoring of New Teachers: Help for Administrators, 18 page selection from the other materials just for administrators. Includes check lists to coordinate mentor & administrator roles, mentor logs, mentoring action plans, ideas for finding time, communication cautions for mentors, principal & proteges, and ideas for linking a quality mentoring program to the School Improvement Process. $12.00

Assessment or Assistance of Developing Teachers, 7 pages, reviews the "minimum competency" approach to evaluating new teachers, the conflicts created when mentors assess, and other evaluation alternatives. $8.00

A Check List for Administrators with an Internship/Mentor Program. Offered by a principal in the Indiana Beginning Teacher Assistance Program. At -

How to Work Effectively With Student Teachers, from Tips For Principals, by NASSP, November 1989.

Holding Mentors Accountable for Mentoring, 8 pages, includes a "Mentoring Log". $9.00

Inappropriate Mentor Behaviors: What To Do With Mentors Who Will Coach or Supervise, But Not Mentor. 2 pages, $3.00.

Managers as Mentors: Building Partnerships for Learning, is a 200 page book by Chip Bell for $24.95. It's for managers in business but it looks like it would have a lot of information that is relevant for school and central administrators. Available from Lakewood Publishing, 50 S. Ninth St. Minneapolis, MN 55402 (800)707-7769 .

Mentoring the Mentor: A Challenge for Staff Development. An article from the fall 1996 Journal of Staff Development, by NSDC, available at-

Plans & Samples For Mentor Program Evaluation. 27 pages, program evaluation plans, sample program evaluations by classroom & student support services mentors & proteges, by "guide" teachers, and by novice teachers about the need to start a mentor program. $15.00

Suggestions for the Mentor Program Coordinator. 17 pages including a job description, the need for a mentoring & peer coaching program coordinator, sample letters to mentors & guides, and advice to the coordinator on how to "mentor the mentors" to facilitate mentor growth. $15.00

Student Teachers and the Building Principal...The Missing Link, Vann, A. (1986). Action in Teacher Education. ATE, 10 (4); 59-62.

Mentoring of New Administrators

Some Ideas Concerning the Mentoring of New Administrators, by Barry Sweeny, $4.00.

Leaders Helping Leaders: A Practical Guide to Administrative Mentoring: a 103 page guide by John Daresh and Marsha Playko, which is very well organized and researched. Provides guidance for program design, benefits, potential problems, some examples, preparing people to do it, matching, evaluation of program, etc. From Scholastic, Inc. 730 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

Administrative Mentoring: A Training Manual, by John Daresh and Marsha Playko. A 1989 book published by University of Northern Colorado, Center for Educational Leadership, Greeley, CO.

The First Year as Principal, bu R. Thorpe. Real world stories from America's principals and advice for success. For $14.95 paperback, fromHeinemann Publishing at 1-800-541-2086

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