Recommendations for the Development of Induction Programs

These recommendations are from the ATE Commission on Teacher Induction which published Teacher Induction: A New Beginning, in 1987. The editor was Doug Brooks. The Commission's recommendations are offered here as the book is out-of-print as of this date and no longer available.

1. Induction programs are necessary in every school district to assist beginning teachers in making a transition from novice to experienced professional.

2. Induction programs must be based on the needs of the individuals as they adjust to their particular professional context.

3. The experienced teachers who serve as sources of help to beginning teachers should receive training and support to facilitate their assistance including reduced teaching loads.

4. Support personnel should be concerned with the professional development of the individual beginning teachers and be separated from the evaluation role of a district.

5. The training of teachers should be recognized as an on-going educational process from preservice to retirement requiring cooperative financial and programmatic support from all involved including the local district, higher education, and state departments of education.

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