Factors That Facilitate Successful Induction Programs

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These recommendations are from the ATE Commission on Teacher Induction which published Teacher Induction: A New Beginning, in 1987. The editor was Doug Brooks. The Commission's recommendations are offered here as the book is out-of-print as of this date and no longer available.

1. Train support personnel in the process of observation and conferencing.

2. Provide continuous information to the inductees regarding the school system, the profession, and the teaching process.

3. Provide release time for the inductees to attend induction program events.

4. Receive support for the induction program from state , regional, and local teacher organizations.

5. Limit beginning teacher case loads for mentors.

6. Establish continuity between induction and overall staff development programs.

7. Provide information to administrators from teachers who have received induction training.

8. Develop a comprehensive plan for the induction program and process.

9. Obtain financial support and time to implement the program.

10. Coordinate inductees schedules for conferring with peers and supervisors.

11. Build an atmosphere of collegial openness for the inductee to seek assistance.

12. Include induction requirements in the contractual process.

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