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The BEST web sites for mentoring info:

The ASCD Mentoring Leadership & Resource Network - A network with international membership.
Best Practice Resources - The web site of Barry Sweeny. Barry is very well up to speed on the Illinois Induction planning as he is helping to make those plans. Go here for tons of great resources & over 500 links on mentoring.

Some other Good Web Sites

Other Illinois Mentoring Links
Illinois Mentoring & Induction Events

Other Illinois Mentoring Links

The Mentoring Applications Network. This network is sponsored by NSDC and is a group that meets at the annual NSDC conference under the leadership of Ray Dagenais. The purpose is to allow those interested in mentoring to meet and discuss their work, to share resources, and to support each other. (See the section titled "Events" on this site for more info.) Contact Ray at 3775 Knight's Bridge Court, Aurora, Illinois 60504, or phone (630) 907-5990, or by email at

Help For New Teachers with School-To-Work at http://www.ncrel.org/sdrs/areas/issues/envrnmnt/stw/sw5camp.htm
fron NCREL, the North Central Regional Lab in Oakbrook Illinois.

The Cooperating Teacher: Should I Agree to Supervise a Student Teacher, a helpful look at yourself will help you decide if you should accept this mentoring responsibility. By L. Tusin & J. Williams, Illinois School Research and Development Journal, Illinois Assn. for Supervision & Curriculum Development. 29 (3). Spring 1993.

IMPACT II Mentoring Program for Science Teachers, Illinois Mathematics & Science Academy

The Illinois Staff Development Council (ISDC)

Illinois Mentoring & Induction Events

Availability of Illinois events which are open to educators and support new teacher programming is a constantly changing scene. me if you want the most recent info.

If you are aware of any relevant mentoring and induction events, please some information and a contact person so I can publicize it. Thanks.

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