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Recommendations of the Phase 3 Induction Panel

Presented to the Illinois State Board of Education - August 2000


Recommendation #1

In order to support Initial Teaching Certificate holders, each district shall develop and implement a four-year induction/mentorship program that is incorporated into its school improvement plans, and based on research and best practices and the Illinois Induction Initiative Guide Lines. During the novice teacher's first two years, the induction program will provide mentoring, initial portfolio development, and other forms of support for beginning teacher professional development. Programming in the novice teacher's third and fourth years will concentrate on the improvement of teaching skills and assessment through completion of a professional portfolio.

Recommendation #2

Districts shall establish partnerships with other educational agencies, organizations, and/or institutions in the development and implementation of their induction programs.

Recommendation #3

The ISBE will establish a system for leadership development to assist in the design, implementation, and improvement of induction programs.

Recommendation #4

Each induction program shall be designed to maximize the development of the skills described in the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards and the Content-Area Standards for teaching disciplines.

Recommendation #5

Each induction program will provide mentors with formal and on-going staff development on effective mentoring processes and practices.

Recommendation #6.

Formal staff development on effective mentoring processes and practices shall be required for the continuing development of administrators.

Recommendation #7

Implementation of the induction program will be guided by a clearly defined set of program purposes and monitored through the ISBE compliance process.

Recommendation #8

In order to assure that Initial Teaching Certificate holders receive the support necessary to meet the standards required for attainment of the Standard Teaching Certificate(s) the State Board of Education shall fund the Illinois Induction Initiative at $1500.00 per new teacher, for each of the first two years of the Initial Certificate period, and at $500.00 per new teacher, annually for years three and four of the program.

Recommendation #9

The Illinois Induction Initiative will be implemented across four years.

During the first year, new local programs will be developed, existing programs will conduct a self-assessment and plan program improvements, and all programs will collect base-line program evaluation data.

During the next three years all programs will implement program plans and improvements. Also, all programs will collect and report annual program evaluation data. By the end of the four years all programs will meet the Illinois Induction/Mentoring Initiative guidelines and quality indicators.

The Illinois State Board of Education will annually collect and report induction program evaluation data.

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