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Names of Members on the Phase 3

Illinois Teacher Induction Panel

January 2000

1. Marty Barrett, The Honorable Regional Superintendent, Rantoul

2. Kathy Brockett, Assistant Superintendent, Wilmington School District #209

3. Dr. Allen Bearden, Chicago Teachers Union Quest Center

4. Dr. Renee Clift, College of Education, U of I-C, Urbana

5. Carole Einhorn, Palatine School District Mentor Program Coordinator

6. Chuck Fabish, Assistant Superintendent, Peoria County ROE

7. Karen Friend, Wadsworth, local board member - Warren High School

8. Dr. Dan Jones, SIU-Carbondale

9. Becky McCabe, Leal School, teacher, Urbana

10. Cheryl McCarthy, Joliet West High School teacher

11. Dr. Karen Peterson, Professor, College of Education, Governors State University

12. Linda Sherwood, Martinsville Elementary teacher

13. Dr. Steve Tozer, College of Education, Chair, Policy Studies, U of I-Chicago

14. Matt Klosterman, Special Education Dir. Belleville School District #118

15. Michael Long, Div. Admin. Div. of Profess. Prep., Illinois State Board of Education

16. Nancy Patton, Div. of Profess. Prep., Illinois State Board of Education

17. Jennifer Bolander, Div. of Profess. Prep., Illinois State Board of Education

18. Frank Llano, Assoc. Supt. Center for Profess. Prep, Dev. Cert, Illinois State Board of Educ.

19. Lee Patton, Deputy Supt. for Policy & Planning, Illinois State Board of Education

20. Mark Denzler, Assoc. Dir.- Government Affairs, Illinois Manufacturers' Association

21. Laura Arterburn, Illinois Federation of Teachers

22. Susan Shea, Illinois Education Association

23. Laura Walters, Illinois Learning Partnership

24. Barry Sweeny, Best Practice Resources

25. Dave Turner, Illinois Principal Association

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