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Mentoring & Induction Network

You agree with all of the purposes of the Illinois Teacher Mentoring & Induction Network
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You can join the ITMINetwork and add your program to the ITMIN Directory.

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Identify 1-2 ITMIN purposes that you will work to accomplish, however you can.

  Support & challenge existing teacher mentoring & induction programs in Illinois to continually assess and improve their program's practices
  Assist in the development of new programs for mentoring and induction in Illinois
  Train and support teacher mentors and mentor program coordinators
  Promote collaboration and networking among Illinois educators who are interested in teacher mentoring and induction
  Collect and disseminate information on best practices and other related information on mentoring and induction
  Advocate for beginning teacher induction and mentoring with the Illinois State Board of Education, Illinois General Assembly, and/or local decision makers in Illinois school districts.

Please enter information about your program:

The NAME of your program:   
The program targets:    ONLY Beginning teachers with no experience
    BOTH Beginning and NEW teachers WITH experience
DATE program was started:   
Program components include:  Orientation meetings before school starts. # days?
  Assignment of a Mentor - Part-time - Full-time
  Mentor training, for days.
  Special Seminars for Beg/New teachers. #/ Year?
  Observations & coaching for Beg/New teachers
   Released time for mentoring &/or observation/coaching
  Mentor manual/hand book
  Beg/New teacher manual/hand book
  Observations by B/N teacher of teachers other than mentor

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