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The Process of Developing a State-Wide Teacher

Mentoring & Induction Program for Illinois

Part #2 - 1999-2000

BACKGROUND - The Teacher Induction Advisory Group - Phasees 1 & 2:

Phase 1 -The issue of induction has been a part of reform efforts beginning with the Framework policy paper adopted by the State Board in November 1996. Induction was one of six advisory groups convened in spring 1997 to respond to the challenges as set forth in the Framework. The advisory group developed general consensus and recommendations for the establishment of formal required and state-funded mentoring programs, mentor and administrator induction training programs and the promotion of partnerships among educational agencies to provide support for induction programs.

In the Phase II of the reform, the Illinois Induction Advisory Panel met during 1998 and was charged with developing more specific recommendations. Many of the original advisory group members, along with the addition of several new members, proceeded to work on guidelines and standards for a state-wide induction program. A research base for each of the recommendations was also developed by the panel. The ISBE was so pleased with the panel's final report that the entire report was appended to the ISBE annual report to the General Assembly.

The Phase III Induction Advisory Panel was established in January 2000

Their charge was to:

Throughout the process, there has been a concerted effort to maintain a balance of representatives from various educational agencies/organizations, P-12 educators, institutions of higher education, regional offices of education, school boards of education, the illinois business community, and the teacher unions. The diversity and experience of the three panels have been representative of the board spectrum of the Illinois education community and is part of the reason why this work has led to a broad consensus of the need for new teacher induction across Illinois.

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An official contact for the ISBE is Michael Long, Division Administrator, Professional Development Redesign, ISBE, 100 N. First St. Springfield, Illinois, 27777, 217-782-2805.

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