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About the Illinois Teacher

Mentoring & Induction Network

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The Illinois Teacher Mentoring & Induction Network was begun as a result of the interest of a number of Illinois educators who attended the "Best Practices in New Teacher Mentoring & Induction" conference held in St. Charles, Illinois on August 11-14, 1998. These educators felt a pressing need to provide better support to Illinois beginning teachers and the programs that support their professional development. Since that conference, other Illinois educators with an interest in new teacher induction and mentoring have joined the ITMINetwork.


The Illinois Teacher Mentoring & Induction Network is dedicated to:


Every beginning Illinois teacher will receive the support of a mentor and an induction program to assure their professional growth and their success as teachers.


The ITMINetwork is interested in programs which may cut across several categories. That is, the programs may be:

Also, programs may have a different SCOPE, such as:

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