How to Contact Best Practice Resources

& Barry Sweeny

Consultant, Presenter, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach, Program Evaluator & Author

By Mail via the US Post Office - 26 W 413 Grand Ave. Wheaton, IL 60187

By Telephone - (day /cell) 630-842-2991 (eve/home) 630-668-2605
(Calls at home are accepted between 7-8 AM and 7-10 PM CST)

to contact me by e-mail. Please note - My email address was CHANGED November 28 '05. Yippee. I've got DSL!!

If you send an email, please:

B. "What should I do to start a mentoring program?"
(Very few people are interested in just assigning mentors to other employees. They want mentor assignment to result in some specific benefits to the people and the organization. That is what makes this is a very complex question. If you want the program to have a big impact on a set of goals, there are many, many questions that must be answered to ensure that kind of result.)

That is why I can not adequately answer such far-reaching inquiries, except in 3 ways.

A. Order my books, publications or other materials- I have written at length (for example) about how to "Develop a High Impact Mentoring Program". The book by that title is available for sale on the "Publications List" on this web site. It summarizes my experience and knowledge about the best practices that must be implemented to attain maximum results. There are many other papers and books I have written there as well. The only limitation of a book is that it leaves you to determine how to apply the general knowledge provided to your specific setting and needs. If that meets your needs, I suggest that you order my materials and read them carefully. I promise that you will be glad you did!

B. Hire me as a consultant to come to your site. I will assess your staff and organization's needs, clarify your goals for the program, suggest a program structure and process designed to attain your goals, and help you train and support high impact mentoring. Don't spend months or years trying to figure out on your own what works and what's needed! That is "penny wise and dollar foolish". My service will allow you to access all my experience and knowledge AND to apply it to best advantage in your specific setting, effectively targeting your specific needs. This is by far the most time and cost-efficient approach IF you are results-oriented.

C. Use my "Consulting by Phone" service. Email me for an appointment and let me serve you as a consultant over the phone. The fee is $100 an hour for a minimum and maximum of one hour. If you need more time than that, we should probably meet for a conversation in which I can show you the powerful and concise visuals and other materials that I have developed. "A picture IS worth a thousand words". There are many limitations to phone conversations as a teaching and problem-solving medium. If your questions and problems are limited too, then the "consulting by phone" option may be just right for you!

The reasons I am willing to do consulting by phone on a limited basis is that:
1. That brief form of assistance is all that some people need.
2. I know such a short contact with me may help you come to appreciate my extensive knowledge and the value of my assistance, and this may lead you to write a contract with me for further work as a on-site consultant and trainer.