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I am looking for ONE new client which meets my specific requirements, to whom I will give a 50% DISCOUNT on ALL my consulting, evaluation, and training services.

 "The greater danger for most of us
is NOT that our aim is too high
and we miss it,
but that our aim is TOO LOW
and we REACH it!"

- Michelangelo

Since 1987, I have worked as a consultant and trainer in novice teacher mentoring & induction with hundreds of programs all over the world. Here is what I have learned is needed for an effective induction program, and sadly, what I have typically found.

The need to demonstrate program impact EVERYONE asks for proof that induction & mentoring will actually improve teacher performance and student achievement. A school district which will DO what's needed to demonstrate the impact of effective practices.

I am looking for a client which:
The need for high expectations

LOW expectations.

Few clients really...

  • expect to improve teaching and increase student learning through their induction program and...
  • actually set goals to do so.

Amazingly, those programs that expect to, do so!

1. Wants their program to improve teacher effectiveness and increase student learning.
The need to use the existing knowledge base for effective program and mentoring practices Most clients do not have the time to research & discover what works, but they choose to follow only part of my research-based advice. 2. Is willing to implement the knowledge base for high impact programs and mentoring

3. Is intent on developing a model program
The need to implement a research-based program evaluation model that will provide the data needed to demonstrate program impact. Very few clients will take the time for a comprehensive program evaluation that would PROVE the impact of a quality program. 4. Is willing to implement a research-based program evaluation model

5. Is intent on showing their program's impact.

Is YOUR DISTRICT willing to do what's needed to show the impact of effective practice?

IF so, I want to work with you, and as an incentive, I will give a 50% DISCOUNT on ALL my consulting, evaluation, and training services for at least 3 years!

Consider the benefits ! You'll be able to...

1. Follow an expert-facilitated program development and improvement model

2. Quickly access and apply the research on effective induction program and mentoring practices

3. Save YEARS of trial and error effort and thousands of $

4. Dramatically improve novice AND mentor teacher performance

5. Demonstrate that the program has contributed to increased student learning and performance

6. Create internal teacher leadership capacity for induction and other school improvement efforts

7. Quickly build a MODEL program that will bring you and your district international recognition.

Interested? Read on...


WHAT SHOULD YOU DO NEXT if you want to explore this possibility?

Call Barry Sweeny at 630-668-2605 anytime from 8AM to 10 PM CST. We will discuss these expectations, your program goals and setting and the steps we need to take to reach agreement that we should work together.

"Ready to start" or "Ready to improve?" What does that mean?

1.My preference would be to do this project with a brand new program, as the most dramatic results can be shown there. However, I am best known for my work to improve the impact of an existing program and I would also consider such a setting for this project.

2. Basically, you would have to be willing to do the advanced needs assessment and collaborative planning required before starting the implementation of the program or of program improvements. My suggestion is that the data collection, analysis, and planning start during at least November to March in one year and that program or improvement implementation would occur the next school year in the fall.

If your time line is shorter, call me so we can discuss the circumstances and time requirements for an effective process.

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"Intent that the program deliver...." What does that mean?

This means the district's program PURPOSE would include improved teaching performance and increased student learning. It also means that the district is committed to setting goals and to making decisions which align with and support achieving that purpose.

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What is this Contract ?

The commitment was described as "Willing to contract with me for significantly discounted consulting, evaluation, and training services for at least 3 years." Here is what this means:

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"High Impact Induction Program Model"

For the last 15 years, I have searched for the best induction program and mentoring practices, the ones that deliver a high impact on teaching performance and student learning. What I have discovered has led me to develop and continually refine what I call my "High Impact Induction Program Model".

Sure, the "High Impact Model" addresses helping novice teachers with initial orientation, it smooths their transition to the new career, and it reduces the stress of that transition. Certainly, the "model" targets helping teachers become more effective, but I also know that helping novice teachers become "good teachers" is NOT ENOUGH! This is true because even your district's best teachers (the mentors?) know that they are not yet the teachers they want to be and that they know their students need them to be.

The core concept behind the "High Impact Model" is that the induction and mentoring programs should help transform instruction and learning to become the processes they need to be for all students to succeed. That is MY commitment. Is it YOURS?


© 2002, Barry Sweeny

Below these comments is a summary of the "High Impact Model" components. The actual model is much more comprehensive because it includes both program components and practices. Basically, the best advice is "Know the BIG picture, make LONG range plans, but take SMALL steps."

1. "Know the BIG picture" - The ideal model is provided to facilitate program design, self-assessment, and improvement. This will ensure that all the program decisions focus on your goals and that the program eventually delivers a high impact on desired results.

2. "Make LONG range plans, but take SMALL steps." - I typically recommend that such an ideal model be developed gradually over several years and that it should be used as a guide for evaluation and incremental program implementation. The extent of initial program implementation and the pace and length of time needed for final implementation depend on:



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