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Teacher Mentors

We can help you to:

- Plan for, develop, evaluate, and refine programs to improve teaching & learning
- Diagnose problems and then quickly and positively solve them
- Train people & develop a range of skills
- Improve decision making processes & the results you attain
- Create consensus and focus for work on shared agendas
- Create products, reports, books, plans, visuals
- Plan, create, and post a terrific web site
We are expert in:
- School & Organizational Improvement
- Mentoring & Induction in all settings, but especially for new teachers
- Staff Development & Change Facilitation
- Peer Observation & Coaching
In any of these topic areas we can do a large number of "How to" or practical presentations, workshops or key notes.


My materials & services have been used by many diverse kinds of organizations, such as:

- Hundreds of schools & school districts in over 30 states and 6 countries

- 7 State Departments of Education, most recently by the Rhode Island Dept. of Education, where I trained two days on developing quality induction programs, and consulted with and trained the state task for which developed "The Rhode Island Mentoring Program Standards"

- Over 40 college & university teacher education programs world-wide. A most recent example is advising the leader of the teacher education institution who is developing the induction program for all of Singapore's new teachers.

- Over 10 professional educational organizations including NASSP, Missouri NEA, Illinois NEA , United Federation of Teachers (NY), PDK chapters, & Teachers 21 (not-for-profit arm of Research for Better Schools), the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), & the Association of Teacher Educators.

- Regional and state level consortia & service centers, such as The Panhandle Center for Technology and Professional Development, Lubbock, TX., the South Carolina Center for Teacher Recruitment, The Partnership for Professional Practice (U. of IL. at Chicago, Chgo. Publ. Sch. & Chgo Tchrs Union), the ESC Region XI in Ft. Worth, Texas, as well as many other regional and intermediate service centers and state agencies.

- Businesses, such as A.T. & T. Network Software (now Lucent), Frito-Lay, Parker Aerospace, Value Enhancement Strategies, Inc. Arizona Public Service, and RMS Business Solutions

- Community-based organizations, like World Relief Corporation and the Illinois Adult Learning Resource Center.

I was invited keynoter/presenter at numerous national & state conferences such as a two day pre conference institute for ASCD at their March 2000 Conference in New Orleans, La.

I have been employed as a program evaluator for grants, such as a Goals 2000 Reading Improvement Project for the Professional Development Alliance, Joliet Illinois, and for professional development programs, such as for the ESCs in Region XIII in Austin Texas, Region XI in Fort Worth Texas, and Region 2 in Corpus Christi Texas.

I have been asked to work on numerous commissions, panels, research groups, and program development or planning groups. Two recent examples are:

1. The Teacher Induction Advisory Group, writing a research report and recommendations for a state induction program for the Illinois State Board of Education (1997-2000). The final report that I helped co-author was sent VERBATIM to the legislature in 1999 and i was selected as one of 2 authors for the 2000 report to ISBE and the legislature!

2. The National Commission of Novice Teacher Support: Policies, Progress & Practices, a five year project of the Association of Teacher Educators (1996-2000). I co-authored three chapters in the book we published in February 2000, "Quality Mentoring for Novice Teachers".

I have been an invited author for numerous newsletters, journals, occasional papers, grants, research reports and books. An example was being invited to write a lead article for a theme issue on content standards for The Kappa Delta Pi Record (January 1999).

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