Was the June 1999 Conference on

Successful? ABSOLUTELY!!

Read what some of the conference participants said.

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"At a recent state mentoring meeting in Delaware, those of us who attended your mentoring conference in Chicago talked about the wonderful materials and experience that you provided us. Your checklists and reminder sheets were outstanding! We used so many of your ideas to plan for our next year in our own programs. What an excellent resource you are for us. We'd love it if you could come here to do a presentation"- P. Angstadt, Lead Mentor, Delaware.

"I sent our mentor coordinator from one of our high schools to your mentoring conference in June. She said it was great and really appreciated the extra time you spent advising her. I would like to purchase another copy of the conference notebook and materials she received at the conference for my own use. Thanks so much." - J. Maute, Staff Development Coordinator, Aurora, Illinois.

"Barry, generally speaking, your Best Practices in Mentoring Conference was incredible, as were the materials you provided us and the extent to which you anticipated and met all of our needs as participants! The presentations you gave were impressive and the information I learned will be incredibly meaningful and helpful for me as I work in our program back home. Thanks you for your commitment!" R. Reinap, Waupun, Wisconsin.

"The materials were excellent and Barry Sweeny is a wonderful person who is obviously very knowledgeable and very helpful." -anonymous

"Thanks for all of the terrific mentor training strategies. This was just what I came for! Our mentor training was pretty 'basic' and now i know just what we need to do to improve our mentoring results." - anonymous

"I received great materials, experienced excellent networking, and learned outstanding information. The presenter was well organized, experienced and enthusiastic." - anonymous

"Barry has a lot of information and it is well supported by research. Go to his conference with your own program's objectives and he will really help you to refine it and to come up with some great ideas to improve what you do." - anonymous

"Barry, your Mentoring Program Framework will be extremely beneficial to our program and your mentor training ideas and materials will save us so much planning time. Thanks very much! Now I know how to better support new teachers, challenge our mentors to model better practices, and I understand how to keep the focus on improving student learning." - anonymous

"Barry Sweeny is a wealth of information. The mentoring materials he has developed are phenomenal! He is truly the "Mentor of all Mentors". T. Romer, Mentor Facilitator, Cherry Creek, Colorado

"The conference was very informative and the materials are excellent! Barry helps you think beyond mentoring that just helps the new teacher, to an induction and mentoring process that also increases the effectiveness of the teachers involved and the learning of their students." - anonymous

"The tremendous amount and quality of materials will be invaluable to my work in my district. Barry is able to synthesize and compose visual representations of a huge amount of information so that it is accessible and helpful." - anonymous

"If you need to develop a quality formal mentoring program, this is the workshop for you! You'll get everything you need and save yourself years of research and trial and error learning!" - anonymous

"The networking opportunities were terrific! I met people from many different states and learned from all of them. The materials and information provided were fabulous and the lessons shared with us were valuable! They will be very helpful for our mentor program." - anonymous

"I appreciate so much the opportunity you gave both of us to meet with you after the day was done for the free consultation session. It was obvious that you had read the materials we sent you and you were well prepared to answer all our questions. We love the way you provided options for us to choose from! The whole conference was great, but the individualized advice you gave us during that 1/2 hour made it all so perfect! We couldn't believe that we got so much accomplished in so little time. We will definately recommend your conference to other programs if we get the chance. P.S. We bet you know who we are." -anonymous

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