of Participants in the 1998 Conference on

I received over 50 comments on the "open-ended" part of the 1998 conference evaluation form.

Here are a few I selected to reflect the variety of benefits people felt they gained from their attendance.


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"The whole conference was excellent! I got so many resources and ideas. Now I am much more confident about what excellent mentoring is and how to make it happen in my school district. I am so glad I came!"

"Both Barry's mentor training and workshop on how to improve your program were incredible. This exceeded all my expectations and I got way more than I thought I would! It was worth it."

"What a valuable opportunity this was for me. The terrific resources, wonderful ideas, and advice I received were just what I needed and the license to duplicate all these materials is really a benefit. It was worth all the sacrifice it took for me to be here and to pay for it myself."

"Barry's materials are excellent and I was impressed with his modeling and years of experience. He gave our team solutions for so many problems we have had in our program. We know now what we need to do to take our program to a higher level of success. I wish we knew it 4 years ago."

"Last May my Assistant Superintendent took me at my word when I told her we needed a mentoring program. She asked me to develop a program for THIS September. I have to admit that I felt overwhelmed! I had no clue about where to start. Luckily, I found Barry's web site on the Internet and learned about this conference. He really delivered on his promise. I received a wealth of information and ideas. The handouts were super and Barry is very knowledgeable. I really appreciate how he helped us to comprehend so much and the individual time he gave me. He was my mentor! Now I know just what I need to do to succeed."

"Bring an extra bag to this conference because you will want to bring home so many valuable resources! If you like to network with others, get lots of sleep before you come. The interaction with people who are involved in mentoring is wonderful. Imagine, there were people here from as far away as Singapore!"

"If you need to design a new program or make an existing program and mentor training better, this is the conference is for you. You will learn everything you need."

"I never realized how complex good mentoring can be, but Barry helps you make sense of it all and gives you specific things to do that make it a manageable process. His "Mentoring Leadership Style" inventory is excellent and, by itself, made the whole trip worthwhile for me!"

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