Testimonies from the April 11-14, 2002


The 2002 conference was in Lisle Illinois, USA.

Participant teams were from all across North America,

as far east as Maryland, as far west as Arizona & as far north as Canada.

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"Thank you! Thank you! I gained so much from this conference. I would STRONGLY recommend it to anyone as a critical step in finding success for your program, whether before or during program development. I especially appreciated the inclusiveness of Barry's approach. It all has great value."

- Kathleen Souder, Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

Kathleen rated the conference "This was incredible" or "I was impressed" on 18 out of 23 scoring categories. That's 80% exceeding the rating of "This was good."

"As a former mentor I have lots of experience, but I had a great deal to learn about leading the induction program. The timing of this conference was perfect for me, as I just recently assumed this role. Thanks for the practical strategies and step-by-step guidance you gave us. I feel great enthusiasm and excitement now about my new role, rather than anxiety. Your modeling of each best practice and the time we had to practice was terrific."

- Debra Budnik, Induction Program Coordinator, Saline Michigan

Debra rated the conference at 95% for both "This was incredible" (80%) and "I was impressed" (15%). That's only ONE rating of "This was good", and NO ratings were lower!

"I was especially pleased with the incredible training materials, guidance, and modeling we received. The balance of information, interaction, and activities was also impressive. Even though all the materials and presentations were comprehensive and outstanding, I was even more amazed by the Mentoring of Mentors Training. What a valuable strategy! This information will be so useful to me. Thanks!"

- Ruth Ann Marsh, Director of the state-wide Mentoring Program for the Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired, Austin, Texas.

"This conference and Barry's trainings were so powerful an experience for us. We are all full-time mentors and so we have had the time to learn a lot about effective mentoring, but this experience really opened our eyes! We were so impressed and grateful for what we have learned. We now have the confidence to provide more leadership for our colleagues and our program back home. Also, we have decided to seek district support for bringing Mr. Sweeny to our district. His expertise and strategies are needed by all the mentors in our program."

- The Mentoring Team (of 4) from Montgomery County Schools, Maryland.

"I had originally come to the Best Practices in Mentoring Conference that Barry led two years ago. It was such an outstanding experience for me that I wanted to bring my entire full-time Campus Mentoring Team back with me again. I am so glad I did! I communicated with Barry ahead of time to be sure that my team would receive what I felt they needed, and Barry was very accommodating. He really delivered for me!

I have been so looking forward to this because, in the end, I was able to bring all the mentors except one and one of our high school principals as well. As expected, the entire team had a wonderful experience and learned so many practical strategies. We also arranged for one of the consulting times with Barry and my team, and that too was just outstanding. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the total experience!

I am recommending to the Yuma Area staff developers that we collaborate on bringing Barry to train in our area. He has so much to offer that we need to learn.

- Sheila Psolka, Instructional Specialist & Induction Program Coordinator, Yuma Union High School District, Yuma, Arizona