Testimonies for the THREE 2001


The 2001 conference had teams from more than 1/2 of the United States and several Canadian provinces.

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The November 2001, "Mentor Training of Trainers" in Albuquerque New Mexico.

"Thanks so very much for selflessly giving more than we expected! Your training was beyond extraordinary! At a time when Americans focus on their blessings, I count Barry Sweeny, as one of my many special blessings!!!

- Robbin Howard, Secondary Schools Peer Mentor, Brevard Co. Schools, Florida.

"This conference is terrific! It makes you aware, informed, and well equipped with a remarkable resource so you can make your own contribution to your colleagues and students." - Michael Lang, Maricopa Community Colleges, Tempe, Arizona.

"Thanks very much Barry, for sharing your extensive knowledge. I especially appreciated the skill with which you answered every ones' questions. The Mentoring Styles Inventory was also great, and gave me 'fresh eyes' on what I need to do to grow as a mentor. Many thanks." - Jennifer Danner, Los Lunas Schools.


Clearly, over 83% found the overall value of the conference to be well worth it, and over 87% found the training materials to be very useful for their own work. Listen to your colleagues and consider joining us for the next Best Practice Mentoring Conference.

"As veteran educators, we know that new teachers need assistance and guidance, but we have little assistance and support to guide US in how best to do that! Barry's high impact program and mentoring model gives you the foundation to get started right and to succeed."

- Tammy Somers-Ashley, Gallup-McKinley Co. Schools.

"The handouts and your many ideas were great! These will all be a big help to me as I lead the implementation of our district's young program. This conference and your direction was just what I needed!"

-Consuelo Gooch, Farmington Municipal Schools, New Mexico.

"Barry is a unique and genuine trainer. He really cares. He comes across as a real person and is obviously an experienced educator who practices what he preaches by modeling excellence."

- Terri Ortiz, Mentor, New Mexico.

"Barry is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about helping new teachers, mentors and their students. Any one needing guidance for induction and mentoring will find time with him to be informative and insightful, and that his strategies are workable and useful."

- Rebecca Braaten, Mentor New Mexico.

"Developing, Evaluating & Improving a Teacher Mentor Program to Deliver a Higher Impact"

"I so appreciated Barry's ideas for collecting data to prove that your program is working. The strategies are time savers and yet so powerful, serving multiple purposes. That's just what I needed for our program!" - Anonymous, from Ohio.

"I could tell there has been extensive experience and effort prior to this conference. What great information and it was so well organized. What a helpful resource this will be for me." - Anonymous, from Kentucky.

"We came to this conference expecting to receive help on improving our program's recruitment and retention of new teachers. We got that AND so much more than we expected. Barry's vision and experience helped us to see the much greater potential of our program, and how to actually promote the professional development of all involved teachers and their students! We are really fired up to make a bigger difference when we get back to our district. Thanks!" - Mentor Program Coordinator, in central Ohio.

"Barry is a wealth of knowledge and experience. I am amazed at the depth of his expertise about mentoring, induction, and improving the teaching profession." - Robin Frentzel, Ohio.

"I can't believe how much we have gained from this short two days with Barry. We have simply GOT to come back for the rest of his trainings next April! He has so much experience and is so willing and able to offer it in practical, understandable ways what I find myself thinking over and over how unbelievable this is!' The event was just what we needed." - anonymous, Professional Development Coordinator

" I was amazed as we listened to the people from other states tell about their approaches. I realized how isolated we have been and how narrow in our thinking about how to provide mentoring for our new teachers. What an eye opener the conference was, both for what we were not doing and how to do it better." - Lead Mentor, Ohio.

" Until I attended this conference, I didn't even know what problems we might face because of how we run our program. Now, I know how to solve the problems and to improve our program's results." - E. A. Sundermeyer, Ohio.

The April 2001, "Best Practices in Teacher Mentoring Conference"

"Barry, when I was assigned this job I had NO idea where to start. I felt lost and overwhelmed. Wow! Barry really made me think. His detailed and structured model has given me a road map for my journey! I believe that our district team attending your Best Practices Conference gave us the direction and momentum on which to create and build an effective new teacher orientation, mentor selection, and mentor/protégé relationships. I love his presentation of the ideas as they addressed both left and right brained learners! very powerful and helpful. Thanks!

I would advise any other districts to REALLY consider adopting YOUR model and utilizing it. "

- Anna Brock, Mentor Coordinator, Portales New Mexico.

"The displays of mentoring materials, the conference training binder chocked full of great materials, the license to use it ourselves, Barry's expertise and ideas, and the interaction with programs unlike our own! It was all so helpful!" - Mentor Program Coordinator, Virginia

"What was so helpful for me was the clarity of the guidance for planning next steps, the logic of the best practice models, and the goal setting we did. I now know just what I can do to help our district create a quality program that can really produce the results we believe it can. Thanks to Barry for all of that!" - Mentor from Minnesota.

"I realize now that we never had a clear idea of what an effective mentoring program looks like. We have just been assigning mentors and doing the best we can to train them. Now that we know what to do, I am very confident we can achieve much more. I( am so glad we brought most of our mentoring committee to the conference!" - Mentor Program Committee member, Kansas.

"Of the thirty categories to mark on the conference evaluation form, I scored five of them at "I was impressed" (I was!) and the remaining 25 at "This was incredible!" because it WAS amazing. The days were long, but were packed full of wonderful information. Barry did an excellent job of tying all the many pieces together too. I have gained so much more than I expected." - Mentor Program Coordinator, Maryland.

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